Calgary Snow Removal, Lawn Care & Maintenance

Starting Prices

    • Residential Lawn Maintenance

    $42 Weekly Lawn mowing includes trimming and debris removed.

    $65 Bi-monthly mowing includes trimming and debris removed.

    Power raking $145 Includes Power raking, thatch removed and a lawn cut & trim to clean it up.

    We take away the first 2 bags, additional $3 per bag

    Aeration starting at $60

    Overseeding $75

    Prices based on an average lot - 50X100 foot (5000 SQ FT)

    • Residential Fertilizer

    5 applications of slow release granular fertilizer $200

    Per Application $40

    Prices based on an average lot - 50X100 foot (5000 SQ FT)

    • Concrete sealing

    Starting at 90 cents per square foot with a minimum of 500 square feet.

    Includes pressure washing and 1 coat of sealant when dry.

    • Snow removal

    6 Cleanings per month, after is $40 per shovel

    Starting at $100 for just city sidewalk.

    ADD Path to front door $20

    ADD Driveway $25

    ADD Triple Driveway $50

    ADD Extended driveway $60

    ADD Corner Lot $30

    Includes ice melt.

    Unlimited cleanings per month +$40 per month depending on property.

    Includes ice melt.

    • Acreages

    Acreage Lawn Mowing

    Weekly, biweekly and Monthly Prices below.

    1 Acre $110

    2 Acre $180

    Acreage Spring Cleanup - Per 1 acre

    Power raking - Cut & trim, Sweep up the clippings and removal of debris $425

    Core Aeration $150

    Fertilizer $250

    Overseeding $250

    Leaf blowout of beds & hedges $60 per hour

    • Fall clean up

    Leaves blown out of beds, hedges and lawn cut; up to 2 hours. $150

    ADD additional hour $55 per hour

    *First 2 bags of debris removal included, additional bags are $3 each.

    • Gardening Service

    Gardening / Bed Maintenance $50 /hr

    *Minimum 2.5 hours

    Can include weed pulling, churning up the soil and perennial clean up.

    • Top dressing & Garden Soil

    Compost is an excellent additive for lawns. Prime time to apply topsoil is after lawn aeration.

    Top dressing lawns and gardens increases the growth and vegetation.

    This price will cover up to 2600 square feet of lawn or garden.

    Top dressing includes up to 2.25 cubic yards of material, roughly 1/4 inch thick.

    Screened loam topsoil $390

    Premium garden mix $490

    Organic compost $690

    A 1 inch layer of top dressing or garden soil is added evenly to your Lawn / Garden.

    100 Square feet with 1 inch thick $200

    200 Square feet with 1 inch thick $315

    300 Square feet with 1 inch thick $435

    • Hedge Trimming / Pruning

    $60/hour with a 2-hour minimum.

    Debris removal included in price

    • Mulch / Bark installation

    Delivery and installation of the following mulches / barks:

    Parkland, Charcoal, Foothills Premium & Shredded Cedar, Montane, Large Wood Bark & Small Wood Bark.


    Install & Delivery

    Starting price for 100 square feet $220

    Starting price for 400 square feet $450

    Includes installation of a commercial grade fabric underlay.

    *Please note this is a rough starting price as all mulches are different prices & sizes.

    • Gutter Cleaning

    Bungalow & Bi Level up to 1200 square feet $95

    Add a detached garage $25